Current turn around time on Custom Designs is 3-4 weeks

We will be out of the shop June 19 - June 25, attending Jeep Branson.
Orders will resume shipping upon our return.


  • JK? TJ? JL? What does that mean?

Each Jeep model, comes with a two-character abbreviation:
       CJ = pre 1987
       YJ = 1987-1995
       TJ = 1997-2006
       JK = 2007-2018
       JL= 2018- current
       JT= 2019- current (Gladiator)

For JK and newer, there was the addition of the optional 4 door models. These "Unlimited" editions are indicated with a U (JKU/JLU) but for the purposes of our products, there is no differentiation between the 2 and 4 door models. All our items fit the same on both.


  • What does X color look like?

Samples of most of our powder coat colors can be found here: Colors
We do not have examples of every design in every color option available as that would be thousands of different combinations. We are constantly changing color options based on availability and demand, so some colors may not be shown yet. Note that any colors marked with "" are close color matches to Jeep colors of the same name. When in doubt, you can Google "X Jeep" and get a good indication of the color. Please note that while we do our best to get as close as possible to the actual color, due to the nature of powder coat, we cannot guarantee the closeness of the color.


  • I need the paint code for X color. Can you paint my items using X color?

Our products are all powder coated, not painted in the traditional sense. Paint codes aren't really a thing when it comes to powder coating. We are not able to match colors to paint cans or codes, but would be happy to help you decide which of our colors might be the closest. Or we can special order a powder coat color that you select (for additional cost).


  • Do you offer Military/First Responder/Teacher Discounts?

We do not currently offer a discount program. As much as we would like to, we have run into issues with this in the past. We are researching options to allow for secure verification of status. In the meantime, we do offer occasional discounts and sales to include all our our customers, regardless of employment status.


  • Why can't I use a discount code on custom items?

Our custom design items require additional time and labor to create. This includes file creation, the mock up approval process (and possibly multiple changes), production preparation, and actual production time. We charge a flat rate for this although many designs require more time and energy than average. There is just no way to decrease our costs for custom designs the way we can with stock items.

  • Can you ship to xyz?

We can ship to international address on a case-by-case basis. Please message us for more information.

  • What shipping providers do you use?

All inner fenders will ship via UPS. Most other orders will ship via USPS, unless UPS is a cheaper option for your location. If you require a specific carrier, please let us know when you place the order (notes section)! It is your responsibility to insure that the address you provide can accept delivery.

  • Do you offer sponsorships?

We do not. We love all of our customers and find the idea of providing discounted/free products to some individuals over others in exchange for "promotion" to be unfair and a waste of time. Quite honestly, we personally prefer the honest feedback of paying customers who worked hard to support their Jeep addiction. Who is really going to give honest feedback when they got something for free? We'll take true supporters over paid supporters every time!

  • Do you offer wholesale accounts?

We do! If you are interested in opening a wholesale account, please contact and she can provide you with our wholesale contract.

  • Can you donate to my event?

If you would like us to consider donating to your event, please contact for our Donation Request form. This does not guarantee we will be able to fulfill your request.