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Nightmare tail light covers PPE Offroad
Nightmare tail light covers PPE Offroad

Nightmare tail light covers

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Black powder coated steel.

JT and JL option are only available for halogen style tail lights and are not available for the LED style tail light w sensors.

YJ, TJ, and JK attach using stock hardware. JL and JT (halogen) attach using included double sided adhesive.

Customer Reviews

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Never received it

I got with the company because I recently moved and some how got sent to my old address asking if there was any way they could call back the item I ordered being it was the only gift I could afford to get my wife this year and they said there was nothing they could do not offering any sort of help other than I would just have to order and pay for another one which obviously I couldn’t do with us just getting settled in to our new home things are tight right now so I’m sure my wife would have loved it but will never know for sure. Just wish there was more they would have done to try to resolve the issue. Someone will be enjoying it though hopefully just not my wife.

We apologize again that you did not receive your item due to providing the wrong address. Unfortunately, we are not mind readers and can only ship to the address provided. It is the customer's responsibility to verify their information, both before ordering and by rechecking the confirmation email, and to reach out to us immediately if there is an error. However, as mentioned in our email correspondence, once the item is delivered there isn't any way for us to redirect or recall the package because USPS no longer has possession.
I'm not sure how far your old address is from the current address but maybe you could drive over or ask an old neighbor if they can check with the current tenant?

Jerri Hammond

The company is amazing at communicating with me for all my custom pieces, this is the 1st one of many I have gotten and just like all the rest I'm BLOWN away!! On a Gladiator it basically 3m tapes to the light but uts holding up very study in rain, snow and car wash so far..definitely recommend!!

Imported from Etsy

Better than I imagined! Thank you so much????